Keys to Success - Vast Mountain Development

At Vast Mountain Development we have the vision, structure, marketing and money management in place to successfully process the Congress Tailings project. Each role is facilitated by individuals with the experience necessary to facilitate innovative ideas, structured mine planning, product marketing, and management of project finances. It is Key to our success that each necessary step is appropriately allocated to team members with the know-how to successfully manage their individual tasks. The people behind the project is what will make this a success, and VMD has assembled the right team.

The advantage to producing this tailings project is clear. Low impact to the environment, low cost to process, multiple income streams, and simple logistics. No excavating, blasting or drilling necessary. This is simply a gather and process or haul business plan. The tonnage is already sitting on top of the ground. With testing and due-diligence completed and the right team assembled this project is poised for success.