ARIE HILBRANDS, CONSULTANT, PRESIDENT of HILBRANDS & WESTERN MINING CO. Arie has over 40 years of experience in the mining and construction industry. He and his Brother Ted were the first in Arizona to start agglomerating ore at their mine the San Marcos. Over the years Arie has been an industry leader in developing new processes and techniques. His innovative systems al- lowed miners to extract gold more efficiently from ore in order to reduce production costs. As a result, he and Ted’s significant contributions to the history of mining have been documented in the Library of Congress.
KEVIN JONES, CONSULTANT, PRESIDENT of CARDINAL RESOURCES. Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in the mining business. He has worked with active precious metals mining operations to develop prospects, secure permits and design mine operations. His experience also includes strategic planning of mining operations to develop prospects, secure permits and design mine operations. In addition, he has been involved in the environmental investigation and remediation field for more than 15 years as regulator and consultant. His experience includes contaminant hydrology, regulatory negotiations, planning and implementing remedial measures and numerous state programs. His Company, Cardinal Resources was a finalist for Ernst & Young “Entre- preneur of the Year” in 2011 and that same year won “Exporter of the Year”.
JAMES SOMMA is the CFO of Vast Mountain Development. James served seven years as President for the Institution for Tax & Financial Services Inc, as well as key executive positions for mid-cap companies. James is a veteran of Price Waterhouse & Co. where he worked as an Audit Manager. Since 2004, James has supported John Owen as his CFO and Tax Consultant, constructing budgets and helping to build financial management strategies.

DON E. BROWN is the VP of Vast Mountain Development. Don has over 20 years experience in the construction industry and 22 years in financing for resource- based companies. He has been a major factor in bringing new companies into existence. He founded two successful construction companies: D.E. Brown Construction in Buffalo, New York, which he ran for 10 years, and the acclaimed Custom Cabinets and Interiors in Dallas, Texas, which he ran for 7 years. Prior to working in the mining industry, Don served as VP for several oil and gas producers. He provides VMD with years of experience in finance, management, and public relations.
ROBERT PALMER, is the President of Vast Mountain Development. After graduating from the Business School with B.B.A in Marketing from West Texas A&M, Robert spent the next 13 years in global management for a Fortune 500 company with contractual commitments up to 54 million dollars. Robert then became Vice President of Operations for Texas Independent Oil and Gas which lead to contacts in the mining industry. As CEO of USAR subsidiary, USSM, Robert guided the aggregate and decorative rock division towards a 10 Million dollar pipeline in under a year, as well as organizing and designing their fleet of transport trucks. Under his guidance USSM supplied the decorative rock for Cardinal Stadium, ballast contracts with BNSF railway, and aggregate for the AZDOT. Robert has a keen knowledge of the mining by-product market and transport logistics.
JOHN D. OWEN is the CEO of Vast Mountain Development. As owner of a successful highway construction company, John spent 18 years building and developing roads in the NY metropolitan area, including the rebuilding of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and FDR Drive. During his time as CEO of US American Resources, John managed the building of an innovative zero-discharge leaching facility and poured over 200 ounces of gold from the testing phase. Since 2006, John has managed the acquisition and ownership efforts of the Congress Mine project. His tenacity and focus led VMD to win a $50 Million stipulated judgment against an lender that was attempting to do a hostile take over. He has been instrumental in the planning, testing, and legal processes at The Congress Mine project. Under his leadership his companies have prevailed in every single land, claim, and legal dispute since 2001.